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Bobcat / Coyote/ Small Dog / Fox Galvanized Metal Live Animal Trap with 1 x 2 Grid

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109.5 This is the perfect trap for catching Bobcat, Coyote, & medium sized Dogs. 1" x 2" Wire Grid. (42" x 15" x 20")
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Bobcat/Coyote/Small Dog/ Fox Live Trap 

Single Door Rigid Live Trap, Model 109.5, is the perfect trap for bobcats, coyotes, nutria, fox, or small to medium sized dogs.

  • Size = 42" x 15" x 20"
  • Grid Construction = 1" x 2"
  • Gauge = 12
  • Weight = 50 lbs

These traps feature a sturdy frame that is constructed of heavy 12, 14, or 16 gauge galvanized steel wire mesh (depending upon model) for maximum resistance to rust and corrosion. An open fabric construction allows the animals to see through the trap in all directions and enter the trap with confidence. Galvanized steel rods are welded to the wire mesh frame for extra support and reinforcement. A spring loaded, automatic locking V-door, securely and safely traps the animal inside the trap immediately after the animal steps onto the trip pan, located at the back of the trap. Galvanized 1/2 by 1/2 inch wire mesh openings are welded to the bait areas to prevent animals from reaching through the outside of the trap. A super fast spring loaded door eliminates the chance of the animal backing out of the trap before the door springs shut and locks into place. The special locking system and the heavy reinforcement of the trap doors prohibits animals from forcing the door open, even if the animals manages to turn the trap upside down. This makes these traps perform well when trapping animals at any angle. Deluxe Single Door Rigid Live Traps are also equipped with an adjustable trigger release mechanism that allows for heavy or light sets. Most of these traps include a protective piece of galvanized sheet under the safety handle of the trap, to protect the trapper against scratches from the trapped animal. The deluxe single door traps a variety of different sized animals, ranging from rat to large dog.

If storage space is a concern, Model 109.5 is also available as a collapsible trap, Model 209.5, and as a transfer trap with a rear sliding door, Model 609.5. The rear sliding door is HIGHLY recommended because it makes baiting and releasing the animal much easier.

Collapsible Trap, Model 209.5, is the perfect alternative when storage space is a concern.

Model 609.5 has the added benefit of having a rear release door. This addition makes Model 609.5 a must-have for catching cats and rabbits.

What Damage do bobcats, coyotes, or dogs do?
Bobcats will wipe out small to medium sized domestic animals. This includes calf’s, goats, house cats, small dogs, chickens, rabbits and anything else the Bobcat can catch. Bobcat trapping is the most effective way to remove unwanted Bobcats.

Your cats and dogs are easy prey as well as any livestock a Coyote sets his mind on. Coyote carry the rabies virus as well as other disease. As people build ponds stocked with fish, and other live animals, coyotes find these areas and quickly begin to feed on the bounty. Coyotes love eggs and can cause huge financial losses to both the commercial farmer as well as the weekend gardener. A coyote can become a problem when their feeding leads them to our gardens, livestock or pets. Coyote are more likely to eat garden vegetables and fruit. Because of how they forage, damage is quick and complete.

Feral dogs are a danger to everyone since they have no fear of humans. People who abandon animals are causing a terrible situation, let alone what they are doing to the dog. A pack of wild dogs is an accident waiting to happen and you or a child might be the victim. Feral or stray dogs also kill small animals, cats, chickens and sometimes carry rabies.

What bait should I use for bobcats, coyotes, or dogs?
Bobcats like any spiced meat like slim-jims, hot dogs or dehydrated meat products. Sardines have also proven effective for Bobcat trapping.

Coyotes prefer chicken, eggs, meat products, and smelly sardines seems to draw them as well.

Feral dogs are attracted to almost any beef food product, hotdogs work great.

Where should I place bobcat, coyote, or dog traps?
Place the Bobcat trap in a flat area where the Bobcat has been hunting, or has been seen.

The Coyote is a nocturnal animal that averages about 35 pounds, and comes out at night to hunt and forage.  It is best to set the traps during the day around and near the problem areas, or if you know where the Coyote den is.  Keep the Coyote trap near wooded areas, so the Coyote does not feel threatened.

Feral dog traps can be placed anywhere that the dog travel.

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Single Door109.5$160.6750
Sliding Rear Door609.5$169.1850
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