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When your pond is large enough that you require a seam to be made, the eam area must be cleaned first.  Our Tape Primer cleans & prepares the EPDM liner for seaming.  Apply a moderate coat of primer on to the liner or a cloth, then wipe the liner clean.  Wait 2-3 minutes and allow the Tape Primer to dry.  Now your EPDM rubber is clean and a little tackey.  This is perfect for then applying either the 3" Double Sided Seam Tape and/or the 6" Cover Tape.


 If your seam is going to be underwater 27/7, then we would use both the 3" Double Sided Seam Tape  and the 6" Cover Tape between the two pieces of liner and where the top liner overlaps the bottom liner.  We have found it is better to be overly protected when doing a seam then to have to go back and repair a bad seam after the pond has been built and stocked.  Make sure to slowly apply the tapes and to get all the bubbles out.  TJB-INC uses a small hand wallpaper roller to make sure the seam tape is pressed nice and tight.  We also put a 2" x 10" board under the liner when we do our seaming to assure we are working on a flat surface.  This way when you use the roller, you have a firm surface to roll against.  All of these techniques we use will help you install a leak-proof seam.  (And yes, it does take some practice to get really good.)

We offer a video presentation by Firestone describing the uses of EPDM Rubber Liner & how to install and seam the material.  After you are finished viewing the video, click on the BACK arrow (located in the upper left corner of your screen) to return to this screen.  "DOWNLOAD LINER VIDEO"

To view a printable .pdf copy of the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) that has been filed with the EPA, click on the link at the end of this statement.  To return to this screen, click on your browser's BACK arrow (located in the upper left corner of your screen). "DOWNLOAD MSDS"

To learn how to make a perfect seam," Click Here" !


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Aquascape 6" Wide Seam Cover Tape for EPDM Fish Safe Water Garden & Pond Liner & Hole Patching THUMBNAIL
In Stock
6" Seam Tape The 3" Double Sided Seam & the 6" One-Sided Cover Tape is used by pond professionals to seam multible pieces of EPDM Liner together. THe Cover Tape can also be used for patching holes in liner.
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Firestone Lap Sealant HS for EPDM Rubber Liner THUMBNAIL
In Stock
RLS Firestone Lap Sealant is specifically designed edge treatment used to ensure a watertight seal while seaming two EPDM liners or flashing.
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Aquascape Double- Sided 3" EPDM Liner Seam Tape for Water Garden & Pond Liner THUMBNAIL
In Stock
Double Sided Tape Double Sidded Seam Tape Is Used To Seam Multible Pieces Of EPDM Pond Liner Together
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Aquascape Seam Tape Primer for 45-Mil EPDM Fish Safe Pond Liner in Water Garden, Stream, & Pond Use THUMBNAIL
In Stock
QuickPrime Plus Cleans and prepares EPDM liner for seaming.
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Aquascape's Pond Owners Manual For Water Garden & Pond Lovers THUMBNAIL
Owners Manual Aquascape's Pond Owners Manual - Free .pdf Download
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