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Aquascape Signature Series BIOFALLS Waterfall  & Biological Pond Filters (UPS'able) THUMBNAIL
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Signature BIOFALLS State of the art, Up-Flow Biological Pond Filter for small to medium projects
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Aquascape Signature Series - BIOFALLS Waterfall  & Biological Pond Filter (Truck Ship) THUMBNAIL
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Lg Sig BioFalls For use with Medium to Large Projects
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Aquascape Signature Series - BIOFALLS Water Garden & Biological Filter Accessories THUMBNAIL
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Signature BIOFALLS Accessories Filter Mats, Media Nets, and more for Signature BIOFALLS
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Aquascape's Pond Owners Manual For Water Garden & Pond Lovers THUMBNAIL
Owners Manual Aquascape's Pond Owners Manual - Free .pdf Download
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Signature Series™ Pond Filters

A biofilter has one single function... to purify fish excretions
(contain ammonia) which are part of the natural respiratory and feeding function OF POND FISH OF ALL TYPES.

Filtration is one of the most important elements of your system.  The filter not only removes debris but, more importantly, your filter converts toxic substances into harmless ones.

A good system is of key importance in keeping your water crystal-clear and free of chemical pollutants.  Our filter line is designed to meet a wide range of needs, for both large and small ponds.  Biological Filter - biological is the most important.  This process removes toxins. 

Biological Filter Systems:  Biological filtration is where your system provides a place for beneficial bacteria to grow on special media.  The system focuses the growth of bacteria.  These bacteria  remove harmful pollutants,through a  natural process, from pond water.  Known as the " Bio Filtration " or " bio reactors " these beneficial bacteria convert poisonous compounds such as ammonia and nitrite, into less toxic nitrate.  The end by-product, nitrate, is used as a food source by aquatic plants.  This continuous process is called the nitrogen cycle.  This type may be the most important filtration process in a system containing koi or goldfish.

Signature Series™ BIOFALLS ® Water Garden Filter

Signature Series Pond Filters

  • Made from durable rotational molded polyethylene ensuring maximum strength
  • The 2500 filters up to 2500 gallons, and the 6000 filters up to 6000 gallons
  • Circular Design
    • Provides maximum strength, as well as an easier shape to camouflage - Swirling waterflow maximizes filtration
  • High Surface Filter Mats
    • These mats have 50 percent more surface area and a longer life span than traditional mats
  • Hardware - Brass hardware provides resistance to corrosion
  • Signature Series™ BIOFALLS® 6000 Filter comes with either 2" or 3" Bulkhead opening.
    • Signature Series™ BIOFALLS® 2500 Filter has a 2" bulkhead opening.

Signature Series™ MicroFalls® Pond Filters

BIOFALLS Water Garden FilterMicroFalls® Pond Filters includes one biological media net (media not included), fish safe silicone and hardware to attach EPDM Fish-Safe liner, barbed & slip fittings for both 1 1/2” kink free and flexible PVC pipe, and two biological filter mats. Filters ponds up to 100 sq. ft. and 1,000 gallons (approx.).

  • Full liner attachable waterfall lip - replaces the old liner strip creating a more reliable, water-tight seal on the filter.
  • Rounded shape - improves structural strength and makes it easier to camouflage into the landscape than the old rectangle unit.

pond filter lip
pond filters with upper tray
Reversible Waterfall Lip: More advanced installers will love the reversible option, giving the flexibility of using a natural stone spillway and large accent boulders along the front of the unit Removable Upper Tray: This tray can hold rocks, plants, and gravel, helping to naturalize the BIOFALLS® into the surrounding landscape
water garden filter opening
water garden filter optional drain kit

Two Bulkhead Openings:

  • Allows the pipe to be run into either side for greater flexibility
  • Comes with plug for other opening
Optional Signature Series™ Drain Kit: Second bulkhead opening can be used with optional drain kit, allowing the unit to be back-flushed during the season, water changes performed if desired, and easy cleaning during spring-cleanouts

 To learn how to build professionally built, natural-looking waterfalls & streams, "CLICK HERE"

Watch the instructional videos below, then choose a BioFalls and create your own professional "natural" waterfall.

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