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Damage and Damage Identification

Most damage caused by badgers results from their digging in pursuit of prey. Open burrows create a hazard to livestock and horseback riders. Badger diggings in crop fields may slow harvesting or cause damage to machinery. 
Digging can also damage earthen dams or dikes and irrigation canals, resulting in flooding and the loss of irrigation water. Diggings on the shoulders of roads can lead to erosion and the collapse of road surfaces. In late summer and fall, watch for signs of digging that indicate that young badgers have moved into the area.
Badgers will occasionally prey on livestock or poultry, gaining access to protected animals by digging under fences or through the floor of a poultry house. Tracks can indicate the presence of badgers, but to the novice, badger tracks may appear similar to coyote tracks. Claw marks are farther from the toe pad in badger tracks, however, and the front tracks have a pigeon-toed appearance.  Badgers usually consume all of a prairie dog except the head and the fur along the back. This characteristic probably holds true for much of their prey; however, signs of digging near the remains of prey are the best evidence of predation by a badger. Because badgers will kill black-footed ferrets, their presence is of concern in reintroduction programs for this endangered specie. 


Badgers can be removed by using live traps and/or leghold traps set like those for coyotes. Snares have been used with mixed success.  Badgers often return to old diggings. A good bait for badgers is a dead chicken placed within a recently dug burrow. Fur trapping may reduce badger populations locally, but badger pelts are generally of little value and most badgers are caught incidentally. Leghold traps (No. 3 or 4) are adequate to hold a badger. Rather than staking the trap to the ground, it is better to attach it to a drag such as a strong limb or similar object that the badger cannot pull down into its burrow. Badgers will often dig in a circle around a stake, sometimes enough to loosen the stake and drag the trap away.  A steel box trap may be the best alterative because you do not have to kill the animal to remove it.  Box traps allow for relocation and safer handling because the animal is safely contained inside but caution is required when handling the traps so your fingers do not get bit.
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Raccoon/Large Cat/Badger/Rabbit Galvanized Metal Live Animal Trap with 1 x 1 Grid & Two Trap Doors THUMBNAIL
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108.6 Trap doors at both ends allow wary animals to see through the trap without obstruction and enter with confidence. When an animal steps on the trip pan, both spring loaded doors instantly snap shut and lock into place, making escape virtually impossible
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