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Aquascape EcoBarley Liquid Extract for Algae Control in Water Gardens & Ponds in New Pump Bottles THUMBNAIL
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EcoBarley Liquid-New Aquascape EcoBarley is a pharmaceutical-grade, fermented barley extract that has been concentrated to give you all the advantages of using barley straw without having the disadvantage of having large bales of straw rotting in your pond.
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Nycon Algae Twister with Telescopic Handle for Water Gardens & Ponds THUMBNAIL
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AT-01 Removes String & Blanket Algae. Telescopic Handle extends from 29" to 48".
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Aquascape 8.5 oz Blue Pond Tint  - Blue Water Dye for Water Garden & Pond Use THUMBNAIL
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98882 Blocks UV light from reaching bottom growing pond weeds by coloring the water blue.
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98884 Blocks UV light from reaching bottom growing pond weeds by coloring the water blue.
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Aquascape's Pond Owners Manual For Water Garden & Pond Lovers THUMBNAIL
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Owners Manual Aquascape's Pond Owners Manual - Free .pdf Download
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Barley Products

Pond Algae Control With Barley Straw
By: Bryan Butler, Faculty Assistant, Carroll Cooperative Extension Service, 
University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service

Algae growth during the summer season in farm ponds can pose a number of problems. The algae that grows in ponds used for irrigation can clog pumps, block filters, cause odor problems, and is generally considered to be very unsightly. These algae blooms seem to be more severe in ponds that have high levels of nutrients which can be associated with runoff from production fields. 

The control of algae with mechanical or chemical means can be costly and ineffective. The use of some chemicals may limit or restrict the use of the water for irrigation. Chemical control also often removes the higher plants as well as the algae. Once the herbicide is gone, the algae often recolonizes the pond fairly quickly because there is no competition from the higher plants. Thus, over time the algae problem can get worse if this pattern is continued. 

For a number of years barley straw has been recommended for use in ponds in this area, yet there has not been a lot of scientific data to back up these recommendations. The Center for Aquatic Plant Management in the United Kingdom has spearheaded the development of this method of algae control. 

The straw does not kill the algae that is already present, rather it prevents the growth of new algal cells, similar to a pre-emergent herbicide. The anti-algal activity is only produced when the straw is rotting in a well oxygenated environment. 

The amount of straw needed is based on the surface area of the pond. The volume of water seems to make no difference in the performance of the straw. As a rule of thumb .5 - 1.5 oz. of barley straw per 10 square feet of surface area will provide good activity against the algae. Higher rates have been shown to provide better algae control if the problem is severe. However, too much straw can deoxygenate the water. It is best if the straw is applied loose so that water can move freely through it. A cage similar to a crab trap works nicely. Floats should be attached to the cage to keep them at the surface for maximum efficiency. It is also better to use multiple cages. The more points that the barley straw extract can emanate from, the better the control. 

As far as timing goes, it would be best to apply the straw in the fall or early spring. This will give the straw a chance to rot and get ahead of the spring/summer algae blooms that cause most of the problems for ponds. When barley straw is applied to a pond it generally takes 6-8 weeks for the straw to become effective at water temperatures below 50 F. When the water temperatures are 68 F or above it only takes 1-2 weeks for the treatment to become effective. Once active the straw will remain effective for about six months. 

To this point there have been no negative side effects recorded. There have, however, been observations of increased invertebrate populations and improvement of gill development in fish from ponds where barley was used.

EcoBarley Liquid Extract is a pharmaceuticalgrade, fermented barley straw extract that has been concentrated to give you a clean clear pond.  The added enzymes will help reduce pond maintenance by breaking down pond sludge and keeping filter pads cleaner.
EcoBarley™ is an easy to use quick acting pellet. It can be used inside most fi lters and skimmer systems, as well as set off to the side of the pond. Includes mesh bag for easy application. Tap into the natural degrading power of barley to help create a clear, unfouled pond.

Bitty Bales™ activate quickly, allowing the enzymes to provide results in as little as two weeks, while maintaining the ecosystem’s delicate balance.
  • Pure food-grade barley straw
  • Easy installation and replacement
  • Inconspicuous – Fits comfortably into BIOFALLS® Filter and Skimmer
  • Sealed in close-mesh netting to minimize debris and make dosage easy
  • Greater surface area (than traditional logs) for better water flow and increased enzyme distribution
  • A healthy alternative to chemical water clarifiers
Bitty Bales™ Application Rates
Pond Size (Gal.)
up to 500
500 - 1000
1000 - 2000
2000 - 4000
4000 - 7000
7000 - 10000
Application Rate 1 Mini 1 Mini kit 1 Standard kit 2 Standard Kits 2 Large kits + 1 Standard Kit 3 Large Kits + 1 Standard Kit
EcoShade is not a barley product but is very effective at killing off algae & submerged pond weeds by coloring the pond water blue.  This blue color restricts the UV light from the sun from penetrating the water to the algae or submerged weeds.  By lowering the amount of available UV light, the unwanted growth will be starved of the needed UV rays required for continued growth.  Effectively, the unwanted plants "starve" to death.  Just remember to remove the dead growth so you do not have excess nutrients disolving into the water column creating a inbalance in your pond's ecosystem. 

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