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Floating Pond Heaters

Choosing a heater

 Those of us that are in colder climates can add to our enjoyment of our koi or goldfish pond by using a pond heater in the winter months.  A pond heater will also help to keep your koi and goldfish healthier during the winter.  There are several options when it comes to choosing a pond heater.   An electric pond heater can offer more versatility.  This type of pond heater is easier to install and the submersible type of pond heater can be used to heat quarantine or hospital tanks during spring and summer. 

There are some important points you need to know about pond heaters.  Some things to consider are;

  •  Ambient air temperature and how warm you want to keep the water
  • How to protect your system from heat loss
  • How much you can afford to spend on the pond heater and the monthly operational costs.

The deicer type of pond heaters usually only work to keep a hole in the ice by warming the water immediately around the deicer / heater and does little to actually heat the rest of the water.

To gain the most from your pond heater make sure that you protect your system as much as possible from heat loss.  The less heat lost, the lower cost and the more efficient your heating equipment will be.

 Keeping your water warm in the winter is the best way to keep your koi and goldfish healthy.  Even if only at 50 to 52 degrees a submersible pond heater will help keep your fish healthy all winter long.   Pond heaters can save countless losses over the winter.

Easy to use; Just plug in your Floating Heater and float it on your pond dome side up. If your pond is already ice covered, drill a hole with an ice auger and place the Floating Heater over the hole. If the ice is only 1 or 2 inches thick, place the Floating Heater on the ice and it will melt its way through. Do not chop through the ice in smaller ponds as the shock waves can damage or kill your fish. "Always keep safety your number one priority." Never walk on thin ice. Try to position your Floating deicer within arm's reach or shore to avoid walking on thin ice.

* Floating Heaters are recommended for ponds up to 600 gallons. Please use two Floating Heaters for ponds over 600 gallons or for ponds requiring extra gas exchange due to excessive plant decay or large quantities of fish under the ice.

* Full Manufacturers Instructions should be followed. This unit should be plugged into a GFCI outlet or device for safety.


* Floating Heaters are not designed to heat the water.  Only to allow harmful gases to escape from below the ice covering.  These gases come from decaying organic matter in the pond.  IE: Leaves, fish poop, dead plants & other aquatic life.  It is always best to remove as much debris as possible before the pond ices over.  For ponds with a high fish load, use a pump like the Aquascape Aquaforce Pump to bublbe the water which adds disolved oxygen to the water for the fish.  A small pond aerator like the POND AIR 2 will add oxygen and keeps a hole open in the ice





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300 Watt Winter De-Icer by Aquascape for Pond & Water Gardens THUMBNAIL
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39000 Aquascape stainless steel Pond De-Icer is ideal for keeping a small hole opening the ice during cold winter months, and insures proper gas exchangm helping keep fish alive during the winter
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Aquascape AquaDeicer 200 Watt Floating Water Garden & Pond Heater THUMBNAIL
98151 Maintains a vent hole in ice to release harmful gasses
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Aquascape 1250 Watt Floating Heater for Water Gardens & Ponds THUMBNAIL
In Stock
01418 Keeps a hole open in the ice to prevent a lethal build up of harmful gases under the ice.
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AquaForce Solids Handling Waterfall Pumps Generation 2 by Aquascape - Ponds & Water Gardens THUMBNAIL
In Stock
AquaForce Gen2 Pumps Great for small ponds with low head applications. A combination of high performance flow with a low maintenance design & 3-YEAR WARRANTY!
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AquaForcePro 4000-8000 gph Waterfall Pumps Generation 2 by Aquascape - Ponds & Water Gardens THUMBNAIL
In Stock
91104 Great for small ponds with low head applications. A combination of high performance flow with a low maintenance design & 3-YEAR WARRANTY!
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Aquascape Pond Air 2 & 4 - For Water Garden, Sm Pond & Rainwater Collection Aeration THUMBNAIL
In Stock
Sm Pond Aerators Use to add disolved oxygen and also keeps pond alive in winter
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Aquascape's Pond Owners Manual For Water Garden & Pond Lovers THUMBNAIL
Owners Manual Aquascape's Pond Owners Manual - Free .pdf Download
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