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Koi Varieties

With so many varieties, how do you choose?

Choose a koi that catches your eye, a koi that makes you happy. Don’t get caught up in needing the ‘perfect pattern’ Or the ‘perfect named-variety'. Even the most superb Koi surely has some minor flaws.

Sometimes when focusing in the minor flaws, we will fail to size up the real value of the Koi. Accordingly, the most important thing in judging a Koi is to place great importance on "the first impressions" gained by you the moment the Koi meets your eyes.

It is also beneficial to compare many koi before making your final decision.

Here are some tips for selecting koi:

  • Watch the koi swim. Does it glide through the water with ease?
  • Are all fins intact?
  • Any body defects, scars or raised scales?
  • Any bumps or lesions on or under the skin?
  • Watch its breathing. Should be slow and regular, no puffing.
  • Choose a reputable dealer and stick with them!
  • Is your dealer knowledgeable about koi?
  • Does your dealer have an adequate facility to hold and quarantine koi?
  • Does your dealer handle koi correctly?

Eliminate the questions above and save money by purchasing direct from our Professional Breeders at: Kloubec Koi Farm!

Kloubec Koi are reared in the ancient tradition exactly as they were over 2,500 years ago in the original home of Koi, Niigata, Japan. In fact, the mud and water chemistry in the Kloubec Koi ponds is exactly the same as that in the ponds where Koi originated. The mud ponds are also located at approximately the same latitude as Niigata, Japan so Kloubec Koi are winter hardy, which guarantees they will be long-lived pets.

All Kloubec Koi are hatched in the Kloubec Koi Farm state-of-the-art indoor hatchery and transferred to the mud ponds as fingerlings.

Kloubec Fisheries is one of the Midwest's largest fish producing operations with indoor hatchery and over 100 outdoor ponds. Originally conceived by Myron Kloubec's father as a hobby in the 70's it was later developed by Myron into a permanent alternative agriculture business in 1981.

Kloubec Fisheries hatches, grows and supplies a wide variety of quality fingerlings to stock into recreational areas, including private ponds and lakes.

Kloubec Fisheries sells both wholesale and retail and is expanding again with the addition of our Koi division by the 3rd generation of the Kloubec family. Myron's son, Nick Kloubec, has been developing the Koi division for some time. All Kloubec Koi are spawned, hatched and grown on our farms in Amana, Iowa.

These are top quality Koi produced from both domestic and imported Japanese brood fish. Koi are available in a variety of sizes and colors.  By producing large quantities of Koi fingerlings, the Tategoi are segregated and grown separately to obtain truly beautiful Koi. If you are looking for high show-quality Koi call us at direct @: (319) 846-2055.

Why Buy Kloubek Koi?
Koi Health is #1!
  • Kloubec Koi are not forced for growth!
  • Kloubec Koi are raised in a cold climate, which guarantees they will be hardy and long-lived pets!
  • Kloubec Koi are raised in natural mud ponds in water quality and chemistry exactly like the Japanese mud ponds where the Koi originated!
  • Kloubec Koi are NOT exposed to ANY Imported Koi that could carry disease (no Imported Koi are allowed onto the farm where Kloubec Koi are raised)!
  • Kloubec Koi are quarantined and treated when they are brought in from the mud pond - so you will receive healthy Koi!
Kloubec has the experience!
  • Kloubec is the largest Koi Farm in the Midwest!
  • Kloubec Koi Farm has more than 30 year experience in Aquaculture!
  • Kloubec Koi Farm only sells Koi products they use themselves!

Kloubec Koi are Winners!

  • Kloubec Sandan Gin Rin Kohaku was Baby Grand Champion 2003 at the Midwest Pond & Koi Society
  • Kloubec Beni Kikokuryu was Most Unique 2004 at the Mid-Atlantic Koi Club "Koi America" Show
What Buyers Say about Kloubec:
  • "A CLASS ACT and a WONDERFUL PERSON to work with! Highly Recommended!!!!!!!!!"
  • "Highest possible praise! Communication and delivery superior!"
  • "Don't have enough space to express gratitude for this seller. Many thanks!"
  • "Above & beyond expectations. Would spend extra money to deal with this seller!"
  • "Healthy, Happy, Great Koi -- Beautiful Sparkle -- Highly recommended Thanks!"
  • "Received fish in Great Condition, very satisfied, Highly recommended Thanks!"
  • "Great fish, excellent to do business with."
  • "Good healthy fish, an awesome operation, would highly recommend."
  • "This Koi was great, I do believe even bigger than described. Will buy again!!!"
  • "Fast shipment, fish in excellent shape, very pleased!"
  • "Fish nicer than pictured, very fast shipping. Thanks!!!!"
  • "Gorgeous fish. Very satisfied!!! Thanks!"
  • "Honest, sincere sellers of exceptional Koi! WOW!!!!"
  • "Beautiful healthy fish. Will buy from seller again."
  • "Big guy arrived full of spunk & bright colors; overnight trip didn't faze him!"
  • "Nicer than expected, very satisfied!"
  • "Fish, healthy, arrived fast, very satisfied!"
  • "Koi nicer than described! Thanks!"
  • "Nice Fish!!! Quick Shipping!!! Good To Deal With!!!"
  • "Another package of very nice fish, Good people to deal with, would highly recommend!"
  • "Very Willing to answer any questions I had. The Koi were in fine shape."
  • "This seller does it all. Worry free with this seller. Stands behind the sale."


  1. "Click Here" to go direct to the wholesale fish on-line store 
  2. Dealer ID & Coupon Code is: 30125

Our new freight carrier is FedEx!
Take advantage of Kloubec's extremely low rates on Next Day Air shipments.
Discounted Shipping Rates as low as $16.00 per box. (depending on your zone)
All Koi are delivered to your store-and GUARANTEED!

 When purchasing koi or goldfish they will come in a plastic bag filled with oxygen. Please note that if the pond is new or if the water has just been changed or added, be sure to remove any chlorine or heavy metals using Pond & Fish Conditioner. Follow these steps to ensure happy and healthy fish:

1. Place the plastic bag, containing the fish, into a shaded part of the pond. As the bag floats on the surface, the water temperature in the bag will slowly adjust to the water temperature of the pond. This may take anywhere from 20-30 minutes.

2. After waiting, further acclimate the fish by opening the bag and slowly adding pond water. By mixing the pond water with the water in the bag, the fish will be allowed to adjust to the pH of your pond.

3. Let the bag float for another few minutes and repeat step 2 a couple more times.

4. Once you’re done, slowly remove the fish bag and free your fish into its new home. Dispose of the water in the bag away from your pond because it most likely has high levels of ammonia from the fish.

5.  To help the fish aclamate to the new water, you can pre-treat with a Liquid EcoStarter available in our on-line store.  Just click on the blue link to learn more or order.



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