TJB-INC Return Policy

Returns accepted on unused items with original boxes within 30 days of receipt (when you receive the product). If the return procedure is not followed, your return will be refused as it arrives and returned to you. There will be a 20% Restocking fee on return orders.

If you ordered the wrong sized product and are purchasing a different size of the same item from storefront, then we will waive the 20% charge but you are responsible for all shipping charges.  Exceptions are:  Any custom cut material (IE: Liner, Underlayment, and all synthetic turf).  Please let us know the Order # of the replacement order.

If item originally had free shipping, the actual cost of shipping and the 20% restocking fee will be deducted from the credit to the customer. Please allow 1-2 weeks for credits to be processed. Shipping & Freight charges will not be reimbursed. Returns made without following proper procedures will be charged a $5.00 fee or more for complications. 

If you return items to TJB-INC, it is your responsibility to provide tracking and delivery confirmation. Items can sometimes get damaged in the return shipping process.  Please pack and protect the returned item(s).  You will be responsible for any damaged item.  TJB-INC suggests purchasing shipping insurance through whichever carrier you choose to return your items(s).  TJB-INC is not responsible for lost or damaged product shipped by the customer to TJB-INC.  If a damaged item is received, we will take photos for you to provide as evidence for your shipping claim.  If we sent your item in a shipping container or box, please do the same if you are returning the item.  Packages wrapped just in paper tend to get damaged in transit and may be refused and returned back to you.

The purchaser is responsible for making the correct purchase for their application. Although our staff is highly trained, many customers often leave out or forget important information regarding their application hindering a proper recommendation.

NOTE: The success of decoy's sold by ShopTJB are not guaranteed to remove unwanted visitors. Shooting is the only sure method.